just a quicky, I am on facebook loads more than here now so just saying hello and hope you are all ok. My wee boast is I have now lost 43lb!! yay!

also our friends had twin girls and I was having a wee shot of them today, they are gorgeous. Alexia and Nico. I need to get some pics next time.

Translation of german rolling stone interview and a pic
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"That's How People Grow Up" and "All You Need Is Me" were alway supposed to be featured on YOR:

"The album was supposed to be released much earlier. These two songs belong on the album, they are part of the whole. By some strange accident they also ended up on 'Greatest Hits', but they definitely belong on 'Years'.

Why YOR was not released in September 2008:

"I've changed management twice. The first manager left, the second left, and the third one finally fixed the current date of release. Just practical obstacles - but very annoying and very discouraging all the same. You want your songs to be heard, after all. You don't want to suffocate on the whole thing."

On Alain Whyte:

"He had to leave for personal reasons. Nothing to do with me at all. He then started his own band, Red Lightning, and was very busy. That's why we haven't seen each other as much lately. But there's no bad blood between us."

On "Paris" and the escapism of travelling:

"Travelling is always some kind of flight, of course - it always works. You can occupy yourself with different and new things. You have the secure feeling of having a goal - and a reason to pack your bags. You hope that something is waiting for you on the other side. Not somebody to pick you up and take you home, but maybe a photograph of a building you just have to take. Or something like that. It's all about planning an itinerary and staying on the move."

About his celebration of independence in THPGU and "I'm OK BY Myself":

"We've all been indoctrinated to believe that we have to mate in order to be happy. That we are only able to find strength in other people. That other people have to give us everything we desire. I don't believe that this is necessarily true. Since the second we were born, we've been taking care of ourselves. And we've been quite sucessful, we're still here after all. That's why we're just as worthy.
We're constantly oppressed and inhibited by the idea that, as a solitary figure, we're just half a person, that something is lacking. And the other side of the coin: People in relationships, who are married or whatever, feel superior and think they're some kind of dominating clan. That's just nonsense, because most of them live in utter turmoil and are teetering on the edge of divorce"

Did he often think about giving up music?:

Yes. Well, maybe not often, but once, twice, or thrice, it all became too much for me. But then I always realised: It's a vocation. An absolute vocation. You have to dedicate yourself completely: Regardless how I feel on days on which I'd rather withdraw, I'm always overwhelmed by the feeling that these songs just have to be sung."

About his biography:

There are so many completely absurd things written about me - very extreme and almost unbearable things. That's nothing extraordinary if you're famous. But why shouldn't I respond? You have to seize your right to represent yourself. That's what I'm going to do now. I've just started writing, but it's almost ridiculously easy."

About Jerry Finn's death:

It was absolutely shocking. One minute you're at his house, listening to finished songs together and laughing yourselves silly, and a few weeks later he has a heart attack and brain haemorrhaging, goes into a coma and then dies two weeks later. I was at the hospital, and the decline was inconceivable. It's a lesson. A lesson we never really learn because human nature is so obsessed with trivialities. We allow ourselves to be pressurized by absurdities, and are so helpless in the face of almost everything."

translated by lapislazuli from solo


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So finally getting round to Friends only. If we get on else where then we might be able to be friends ;O)


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